Romanticism in Perspective, Lilian R Furst


Romanticism in Perspective, Lilian R Furst, Mac Millan, 1969, 366 pages, livre d’occasion, bon état, 55 euros, disponible à la librairie

Previous accounts of Romanticism have tented to emphasize the common factors of the movement ; an approach which gives a distorted view of a unified Romanticism throughout Europe. Dr. Furst endeavours to achieve a truer and more balanced picture by taking into account both differences and similarities of the Romantic movements in England, France and Germany. The impossibility ofcomparing Romantic movements in toto determine her method of selecting certain salient eatures (individualism, imagination and feeling) inherent in every Romantic movement, yet which differ in meaning and manifestation in the three chosen countries. The adjective « romantic » is applied in the three literatures to vastly varying works, and this book aims to anlyse and explain these differences, thereby showing the specific character of each country’s Romanticism. The detailed examination of these facets is preceded by an historical survey that compares the emergence and development of the Romantic movements in England, France and Germany. A view of Romanticism is thus achieved in the perpspective of comparison between the countries and of their evolution.

After graduating from Manchester University with a degree in Modern Languages, Lilian Furst studied for a doctorate at Girton College, Cambridge. Since March, 1966 she has held the position of Senior Lecturer in the newly established Department of Comparative Literary Studies at the University of Manchester.

Contents :Librairie Buridan – Le Fou d’Histoire, librairie spécialisée en histoire, 18e siècle, XVIIIe siècle


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